Discover Uppsala - One of the biggest student cities in Sweden


It is the fourth largest city in Sweden and the cultural and educational center of the country. Uppsala is known for its historic architecture, including the Gothic Uppsala Cathedral, as well as its vibrant student population and thriving music scene. The city is also home to several prestigious universities, including Uppsala University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Scandinavia.


Located near center of Uppsalla you can find Fålhagen. It is known for its incredible architecture and green spaces. Because of its location you’re never too far from shops, nightlife or the legendary Swedish fika.


A mix between town and nature. Parks right on your doorstep, while pleasures of the city are also available. Perfect place for people who want to have best of both worlds. It is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods where you can find great shopping, amazing restaurants, and plenty of places to visit in the night.


One step away from the center of Uppsalla you can find Kapellgärdet. The area is filled with beautiful parks, both newer and older building as well as restaurants, cafes, and bars. Because of this it is considered a student area.


The neighbourhood is best known for “flogsta scream”, where students from university poke their heads out of the window and occasionally let out a primal scream of frustration. Other than that neighbourhood is loaded with parks, shops, cafes and other pretty basic but fun stuff.