I need legal aid. Whom should I contact?

Do you believe you were scammed, or is there something suspicious going on? Every problem has a solution, and we can assist you in finding it. Scroll down for free but reliable legal assistance.

1. Lejerens Frie Retshjælp

This is a 100% free legal aid organization that can help you with anything related to landlord-tenant law. Their website is only in Danish, but once you contact them, they are more than happy to switch to English!


A platform that helps with everything in the tenancy: legal matters, digital lease, rent payments, protection of the deposit, storage of documents - and much more. All their services also have a subscription option where you pay a small monthly amount and get more services. You need to make an account to use their services, but the website is both in Danish and English!

3. Digura

Digura is a case-based legal advice platform. How does it work? First, you send them a description of your problem, anything housing related. If it gets solved, you need to pay them a fee, but if they are unable to solve it, you are not charged a single kroner!