Lifehacks: How to save money with a low-budget

Money can be a sensitive subject, especially when you are just starting to figure it out. It is understandable that it takes time and adjustment when it comes to money and saving it, particularly when you are dealing with it in a completely different currency. 

Here is how (coming from a student) I learned how to save money and still be able to go out to eat, party and travel.

First, what I learned that helped me was to truly understand the price. I know it might seem obvious but convert the price. Whether you want it or not, when you are used to a different currency, you will eventually overspend and then wonder where your money went. 

Another tip that I can give you is to create your budget. Every month I make a budget based on my salary and stick to it. This way, I know how much I have for a month to spend. All I do is make a template where I put 50% of my salary towards needs, meaning: rent, bills, and food. After that 20% travels towards the rainy-day fund, this way I ensure myself that I am safe. Another 20% is for vacations, by doing this I am allowing myself to travel as much as I want to, based on a budget I have at that time. And finally, 10% goes to everyday spending, going out.

Hopefully you will find these tips to be helpful on your money saving journey!