Must-have apps for living in Denmark

Living in Denmark is certainly worthwhile – from the people to the nature, there’s a lot of great things. That doesn’t mean it’s not difficult. Luckily, there are many apps that will make it easier.  

1.  roomkast

Of course, you are starting with us when you are moving to Denmark and looking for new apartments or new roommates. 😉 We'll help you to connect with the right person anytime and everywhere.

But next to us there are great applications to help you make your lives a little bit more uncomplicated:

2. Rejseplanen

Entire Danish transportation system in the palm of your hand. Just enter your destination and it will show you how to get there in many different ways and how much it costs. Best thing about it? It always has up-to-date information on changes in your transportation.  

3. GoMore

The best car sharing app in Denmark! They provide ridesharing and car rental services at very affordable rates. Plus, you’re helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.  

4. Google Translate

It can be very unfortunate to find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand something, and there’s no one around (or you’re just shy) to ask. While Google Translate is not always the most reliable, it is great for basic understanding. Another great feature is that the app can translate text that is on an image.  

5. E-boks

This is the digital mail platform for all “official” mail you might receive – from payslips to messages from the government, you will receive everything on this app (also a website!).  

6. Min Læge

In this app, you can contact you doctor, set up appointments and video consultations, as well as keep track of your prescriptions, vaccinations, and diagnoses.

7. MobilePay  

There is not a single person in Denmark who doesn’t use this app. With it, you are able to send or request money to anyone who has the app. You can also pay with MobilePay in most restaurants, bars and shops by just scanning a QR code!