Top 5 Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen

Are you thinking about moving to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and would you like to reside in a country, where statistically the happiest people on earth are living – then take your chance and come to Copenhagen.

The charm of Denmark’s capital city is because of the kind and open citizens and the bright facet of interesting and different places to explore. To help you with a first overview about the city, we would like to introduce you to some interesting neighborhoods.

Copenhagen has several very colorful, but different neighborhoods. All of them with different vibes, atmosphere. Everything from “hipster” to classy. So, if you are thinking of moving, but having a hart time deciding which neighborhood to pick. Read this!


Located in the heart of Copenhagen is a lively and vibrant Nørrebro neighborhood. It is filled with shops, restaurants, bars so it is perfect to spend the day there or night. Besides for people who are interested in Danish culture and history they can visit Assistens Cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen is buried alongside other famous Danes.  The neighborhood is offering a lot of restaurants, parks, and things to do. So, it is not a surprise that it is very liked by students. Although it being very popular neighborhood is the reason why the living price there is more costly.  


Copenhagen’s one of the trendiest areas is filled with green spaces, shopping, cafes. It is perfect area for people who want to experience the city, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with it. You can choose to spend a day visiting bakeries and shopping, go to city center which is very close or walk to the beach and enjoy the sunset!


Formerly the Red-Light district now has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in Copenhagen. Full of galleries, tattoo studios, hip restaurants and underground bars is a perfect mix for families and students. Located in city center this neighborhood gives perfect access to night life, parks and possibly you new job. But don’t forget that university campuses are in other neighborhoods so you would have to commute. If you want to live in this neighborhood, you need to decide if you are ready to spend a lot of time in the train/bus.


Frederiksberg is cities fanciest neighborhood. This is where famous designer boutiques, fancy restaurants and cozy cafes are located. Despite of that everybody can enjoy the Frederiksberg Gardens, one the biggest park in Copenhagen, perfect for a walk or picnic. Or you can choose to visit during the winter and use ice skating rink.


Historic tall ships, city’s main harbor, townhouses is a very great tourist attraction. The district is full of restaurant, bars and historic landmarks making it more expensive than other Copenhagen areas. Although this neighborhood is worth a visit you might not want to live in it, since it is crowded with tourists and the prices are relatively higher.


The man-made island of Christrianhavn is filled with history and culture. Created in 1600s as a naval and merchant district now has become one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of Copenhagen because of its picturesque canal, bright houses, and narrow alleys. There you can find wide range of bars, bakeries, and plenty of restaurants which some of them has Michelin star.  The neighborhood has developed over the years and now is one of the biggest hotspots in Copenhagen.


The place where sea and nature meets the city! There you can enjoy outdoor swimming area, take you own tour of Ørestad or visit the opera. If you enjoy being close to nature, amazing views, and quiet and calm area this neighborhood is perfect for you! And if you change your mind and want to visit the city center it’s just a train ride away.