Top 5 neighbourhoods in Stockholm

Far way up in north part of Europe you will find a beautiful city where the architectural masterpieces meet the majestic nature. Stockholm is a unique city located within 14 islands. Filled with amazing medieval architecture and views. This city offers one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Europe each with their own characteristics and history.

Gamla stan (Old town)

The neighborhood is famous for its medieval heritage. Narrow streets with cobbled stones, colorful buildings will give you a feeling back from 1300s. Not only you can experience and absorb history, but also visit wide range of bars, international restaurants and enjoy plenty of other activities. Because of this the place is always flooded with tourists which makes it not the cheapest place for student accommodation.  


Stockholm’s city center area with prestigious and most expensive houses in the city. Despite this, the area is still very welcoming to its visitors. Filled with shopping malls, cafes, nightclubs and one of the most impressive restaurants is a great place to spend the day or a night.


Located in the heart of Stockholm you can find most iconic attractions that the country has to offer. Filled with parks, theaters, museums, and other attractions. The area is overlapping with history and modern world. Not only you can enjoy historical architecture and spectacular view by the river, but you can choose to visit modern restaurants, cafes, bars and experience Swedish cuisine and drinks.


Stockholm’s imagination and creativity capital is one of the most populated areas in Scandinavia. This neighborhood will give you a glimpse of historical Scandinavian architecture back from 1700s. Currently it is filled with artistic shops and cafes, vintage stores/art galleries. So it is a perfect place for people who love history and “hip” cafes and restaurants.


The neighborhood is filled with one of the most unique architecture Stockholm has to offer. Here is where you can see how true Swedes live.  Other than that, you can always pop in into one of the local cafes or bars. Where you can enjoy some of the best local cuisine!