Top areas to live in Aarhus

Aarhus is the second biggest city in Denmark and is absolutely worth to see and to live in. This article gives you a quick overview about the wonderful neighborhoods in this city.  

Aarhus Ø

Surrounded by water and particularly known for modern architecture Aarhus Q is city’s newest neighborhood. It offers a unique observation tower, fish restaurants, wine bars and very popular harbor baths where locals go for a swim during the summer. Of course, having that kind of view comes with its own price!

Aarhus C

Located in the heart of the city you’ll historic buildings and cobblestone roads that date back to 700s, world famous ARoS Aarhus art museum with extraordinary exhibitions, Denmark’s largest provincial theatre and lots of places with delicious food and drinks. This neighborhood is filled with history, architecture, and culture, so you won’t get bored easily.  


The neighborhood is in western part of central Aarhus, giving easy access to city center. It is filled with modern, energy sufficient architecture, nice cafes, and restaurants. There is a public park called Careshaven which has some historical buildings from 1800s which will allow you to have a quiet walk, or a place to have a picnic. Ceresbyen is a perfect place for students since university campuses are not far away, living in this neighborhood will give you an opportunity to stay social but will not exhaust you with tourist flow.  


In the northern part of Aarhus you can find Trøjborg. Perfectly located since it is close to the forest, beach, the university, and city center. For this reason, it is often called the “city in the city”. Trøjborg distinguishes by family and city life, with easy access to restaurants, cafes, parks, and beaches. It has become most attractive neighborhood for families and students at Aarhus university since it is minutes away.  


In this neighborhood you will be able to find an exclusive residential zone with beautiful old buildings as well as some modern architecture. Frederiksbjerg is filled with high end restaurants, design shops, stylish cafes, and local bars creating an amazing atmosphere. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you can visit the best outdoor market, where you can purchase fresh flowers and vegetables.  


When you get tired from a city buzz it is the perfect place to hide and just have a nice quiet afternoon. At Risskov you can go for a long walk along the beach, which is filled with a fantastic atmosphere, especially in the summer. Or go for a nice run in Riss forest which has marked jogging routes.  

The Latin quarter

This quarter is the oldest neighborhood in Aarhus, located on the edge of the city center. If you are truly the fan of the historic architecture and do not mind cobbled streets crowded with the tourists, the neighborhood has a lot to offer. Filled with unique shops, retro cafes, and elegant restaurants, living in it suits for the social people. It is bordering both the bay and the city channel; therefore, nightlife is just the minutes away, yet not at the very doorstep, allowing to have calm evenings when needed. All the advantages surely are evened out with the high cost of rent.