What happens if my room does not match the photos and description on the site?

If you've found an apartment that you're excited to move into, but it doesn't look like it did in the photos, there are steps you can take to address the situation.

  1. Before paying for an apartment, make sure you've seen it in person or via video call. This will ensure you know exactly what you're getting into.
  1. If you're unable to see the apartment in person, save all the photos that were online when you found the apartment. If you can view it in person, take a video of the entire apartment. In most cases, landlords in Scandinavia will be fine with this.
  1. If the apartment does not match the pictures or description, take photos and videos of the discrepancies and contact the landlord or rental agency. Schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns.
  1. If the situation is not resolved satisfactorily, consider seeking legal assistance or contacting agencies that specialize in landlord-tenant laws.

In summary, always make sure you have seen the apartment and have evidence in the form of photos and videos before making a payment. If there is a discrepancy, bring it to the attention of the landlord or rental agency and seek help if necessary.