What facilities should you look for in an apartment?

“What to look for in an apartment?” This might be one of the most important things when people are looking for a place to live. A good apartment can improve the quality of your home life and impact your daily mood and work life. Here are some tips before you dive into apartment hunting:

  1. Commute

It’s different when you have to sit through a 90-minute commute just to get home. When you look for an apartment, do not forget to map the routes between your school or workplace and each location. Choose a maximum travel time and draw a circle based on the location, then find apartments in this circle.

  1. Furniture

Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished? In Denmark, most rental apartments come unfurnished, so you have to buy all furniture yourself and clear it when you move out. Nevertheless, make sure you know what to expect before you rent an apartment.  

  1. Neighborhood

Remember to explore the area after checking the apartment. Are there any grocery stores nearby? How long does it take to the nearest bus station or metro station? Does it face a loud street that might influence your rest in the evening? Ideally, visit the neighborhood both during the day and night to get an overall feel of the area.

  1. Landlord

After choosing the perfect apartment and utilities, know that you could be forced to reach out to your landlord in some situations. Some landlords also prefer to have a small talk or interview with their tenants before renting the apartment. Ideally, your landlord is accessible and willing to give you a hand when you have problems. Try to get a feel of your landlord and his or her reliability before signing the lease, or you can talk with current or former tenants.  

  1. Safety

It is the landlord’s responsibility to secure the building’s safety, but you still need to check the building. When you move into the apartment, one of the first things you need to do is check the access to the fire escape, as well as carbon monoxide alarms and fire alarms. Moreover, it is also important to confirm that the building has been tested for mold within the last 5 to 10 years.  

  1. Decoration

Ask your landlord if you are allowed to decorate the apartment. Some apartments do not allow tenants to drill on the wall or paint, some property owners need tenants to get permission before decorating. In some cases, you can paint but have to clean or repaint it before you move out. If you are a person who loves to personalize your place, do not forget to check the decorating policy to avoid losing your deposit.

  1. Pet

Some landlords may not allow cats or dogs at their places. If you have a pet, do not forget to review the apartment’s pet policy before moving in.